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Complications are sometimes an indication of a deeper drawback (like magnesium deficiency). Typically although complications have a sensible trigger, like five-kids-playing-marching-band-in-the-house-syndrome. Regardless of the case, a pure headache aid stick may also help.

I nearly by no means get complications anymore since altering my weight loss program and boosting my magnesium ranges. Each every now and then there’s unavoidable stress or noise although and I can really feel a headache approaching. I maintain this headache aid stick readily available for occasions like these.

This mix is made with a mix of cooling important oils that assist relieve stress, pressure, and nerve ache. It’s additionally nice for movement illness or nausea (sailboat induced in my case- not morning illness!)

Why Magnesium Oil?

It’s essential to dilute important oils in order that they don’t trigger irritation. As an alternative of a service oil right here, we’re utilizing magnesium oil as our service.

There’s a big physique of proof on magnesium’s position within the physique, together with for complications. Magnesium may also help cease a headache earlier than it begins, or convey soothing aid when one is approaching. I make my very own magnesium oil with this recipe since it’s cheaper, however it’s also possible to get pre-made magnesium oil.

Technically magnesium oil isn’t an oil in any respect, however a extremely saturated mineral answer. The minerals assist to droop the important oils and dilute very like salt does. If you happen to choose a service oil or that’s what you may have readily available and wish aid quick, then that’s additionally an choice. Fractionated coconut oil, candy almond oil, grapeseed, or olive oil will all work.

What Causes Complications (For Actual)?

Complications are brought on by a complete number of points, however there’s at all times a root trigger. Our greatest guess is to nourish our our bodies, follow wholesome motion, and deal with any underlying well being issues.

In accordance with Mayo Clinic, complications are brought on by chemical exercise within the mind, nerves, blood vessels or muscle tissue within the head and neck which might be appearing up. Frequent causes of complications embrace:

  • Stress and nervousness
  • PMS
  • Earaches
  • Allergy symptoms and congestion
  • Neuralgia (nerve ache)
  • Unhealthy alcohol, particularly crimson wine (take a look at Dry Farm Wines for his or her wholesome wine choices)
  • Meals that comprise nitrates or msg
  • Not sufficient sleep
  • Not sufficient meals/water
  • Dental issues

How This Headache Reduction Mix Works

I’ve chosen this mix of important oils and magnesium as a result of it tackles a broad spectrum of complications. So whether or not you’re having nausea, are burdened, or the youngsters are being rowdy this mix will seemingly assist the ensuing headache.


We’re speaking about Lavandula angustifolia right here, not spike lavender. This important oil helps relieve a number of causes of complications, together with:

  • Allergies
  • Stress and anxious emotions
  • Tight muscle tissue
  • Migraines
  • Vertigo


Frankincense is the following oil in our mix. There are a number of completely different varieties however boswellia carterii is likely one of the hottest chemotypes and is sweet for relieving stress. Boswellia serrata was proven to cut back the depth and frequency of cluster complications in a 2012 examine. Each forms of frankincense assist relieve pressure, stress, and irritation induced complications.


Chamomile important oil can also be standard for managing stress and pressure. We are able to use both Roman or German chamomile on this mix, however each work a bit of otherwise. Most choose the scent of Roman chamomile and it’s additionally higher for decreasing stress. German chamomile is healthier at calming irritation.

Each forms of chamomile assist with:

  • Allergy symptoms
  • Earache
  • Insomnia
  • Stress
  • Neuralgia (nerve ache)

Mint (and Security)

Peppermint has cooling menthol which helps relieve tense, achy muscle tissue and complications. It’s additionally invigorating and offers a bit of perk-me-up (that’s not coffee) when toes are dragging. Nonetheless, peppermint has a couple of extra security issues than the opposite oils on this mix.

Peppermint important oil shouldn’t be utilized close to the faces of very younger kids since it may well trigger respiratory issues. Mothers who’re breastfeeding or child carrying wouldn’t wish to apply this whereas holding child shut. Fortunately, there’s a workaround right here.

Spearmint has approach much less menthol and can also be good for stress and complications. Whereas each peppermint and spearmint work equally, spearmint is much less intense and doesn’t have the identical security precautions round kids. Whereas I don’t suggest placing this on a child, utilizing spearmint means it’s secure in your child to be subsequent to you and scent the mix.

Spearmint can also be secure for youngsters over age two to make use of topically. Usually, any important oils used on kids must be diluted greater than for adults. The recipe under is supposed for adults however with some modifications may very well be used on older kids.

Is This Secure Throughout Being pregnant?

In accordance with licensed aromatherapists, this mix is secure to make use of throughout being pregnant. As a result of it’s diluted an acceptable quantity and is utilized in a small space it’s secure for anticipating mamas.

The place to Get Provides

Most of those elements are in my first aid kit, however a premixed curler bottle makes them simpler to use and maintain in my purse.
You possibly can make this as a sprig or lotion, however I choose one thing that doesn’t get on my palms. Let me inform you, by chance getting important oils in your eye is not any enjoyable!

Headache relief roller bottle blend recipe


Pure Headache Reduction Stick

This pure headache aid stick has magnesium and important oils to assist knock out headache rapidly and naturally.


  • Take away the curler bottle cease (this consists of the whole plastic half with the ball in it). I slide a butter knife between the plastic rim and the glass to pop itif off.

  • Pour the important oils into the curler bottle.

  • Add simply sufficient magnesium oil to achieve the highest.

  • Put the curler cease again in and tightly cap.


Learn how to Use: For complications, apply to the again of the neck, shoulders, the bottom of the cranium (the place your neck meets your head) and/or temples. You should definitely keep away from the attention space! Personally,  I apply it to the again of my neck and shoulders.
For nausea and movement illness apply to the wrists.

When you’ve got continual complications and even migraines, I extremely suggest making an attempt natural cures like feverfew.

Shelf Life and Storage

As a result of magnesium is a mineral, magnesium oil can final for years. Important oils have a various shelf life, however in accordance with the aromatherapists at Plant Therapy the oils on this mix will final about 2-3 years. The mix must be saved away from direct gentle, warmth, or freezing temperatures for optimum shelf life.

What have you ever discovered useful to alleviate complications? Go away us a remark and tell us!


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