Within the information immediately: The Supreme Courtroom takes up a case that it might use to sharply curtail abortion rights. The Biden administration pronounces month-to-month reduction checks to American mother and father will start in July. After shedding the November election, Trump lashed out by demanding large-scale withdrawals of U.S. troops overseas.

This is a few of what you might have missed:

Supreme Court takes up Mississippi abortion law, setting the stage to overturn Roe v. Wade

Rep. Clyde said ‘tourists’ invaded the Capitol, but pics show he had a different reaction that day

Administration announces monthly checks to parents will start on July 15. Thanks, Democrats!

Trump demanded massive military withdrawals in days after election loss

‘Biden is not a good bad guy,’ Republicans find as they gear up their 2022 attack ads

From the group:

More White Privilege At Work: CO Insurrectionist Violates NO GUN Order By Shooting Mt Lion

Discovery owes the nation an apology for helping the Duggars defraud this nation