Victoria: I simply actually did not like once you shut me down throughout dialog and I really feel… 

Katie: Are you speaking about at the moment once you have been calling Sarah names?

Victoria: Once I stated ‘the trash took itself out?’ I simply would love an apology, as a result of…

Katie: You are not gonna get an apology.

Victoria: You advised me to cease after I wasn’t executed expressing myself. 

Katie: Expressing your self and name-calling are two various things.

Victoria: Um, effectively, I can do no matter I would like. And I can specific myself with name-calling after I select to. 

Katie: If that is the way you wanna specific your self and for those who wanna be poisonous and impolite, go for it. 

Victoria: Yeah, and for those who wanna specific your self together with your dildo and suppose you are prepared for an engagement, you are able to do that.