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Great Britain will assist 10 Ukrainian communities in recovery

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The Ministry of Community Development and the government of Great Britain have selected 10 Ukrainian communities through a competition process to initiate the recovery process, according to the project’s release. In total, nearly 500 communities applied to participate in the project.

Under the coordination with the British Embassy, the Ministry of Recovery has chosen the following communities to participate in the project:

Vinnytsia Oblast (Ladyzhynska community);

Mykolaiv Oblast (Novobuzka community);

Odesa Oblast (Karolino-Bugazka community);

Poltava Oblast (Hoholivska community);

Sumy Oblast (Romenska and Dubovyazivska communities);

Kharkiv Oblast (Novopokrovska community);

Chernihiv Oblast (Sosnytska, Bobrovytska, and Mykhailo-Kotsiubynska communities).

Firstly, all selected communities have the status of recovery territories, critical and social infrastructure damage. And have not previously developed recovery and development plans.

Secondly, the communities have also submitted objects for consideration, for which funding can be obtained for the development of project estimates. What is more, the Good Governance Fund project “Community Recovery Planning” supports Ukrainian territorial communities in recovery. The project is implemented jointly with the Ministry of Community Development. And supported by the Government of Great Britain (UK International Development), and implemented by Abt Britain and KPMG in Ukraine.

In total, 487 Ukrainian communities applied to participate in the project. The highest number of applications is from Dnipropetrovsk, Kyiv, Poltava, Kharkiv, Odesa, and Sumy regions.

Most requests concerned the restoration of educational institutions, multifunctional public spaces combining Administrative Service Centers (ASCs), rural council offices, and places of community activity, water supply systems, and rehabilitation centers.

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